New Book


After a long period of work,  I finished a new book, what is now available as an ebook, and is entitled "stickings to go". The idea was to create a book, what you can carry everywhere you go, far a "fast" practice of several figures.

offical trailer

You can purchase this at every major ebook-shop.

Have fun checking it out

Record from 2020-07-25

English Editions

Right now every month we have something new :) We completed the english versions of "Etudes for snare drum", and put them online.

Have fun with it



Record from 2019-10-20

New Edits

There are the Edits of "Solos for Marching Drums" Volume 1&2 out now. Check out the Links if you like :)

Solos for Marching Drums - Volume 1 (Kindle)

Solos for Marching Drums - Volume 1 (PDF)

DEMO CLIP Volume 1

Solos for Marching Drums - Volume 2 (Kindle)

Solos for Marching Drums - Volume 2 (PDF)

DEMO CLIP Volume 2


Record from 2019-09-28


The list continues :)

I recently added a Duett for Jazz-Drums to the assortment of ensemble pieces.

Here are the Links

PDF-eBook   Kindle-eBook

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Record from 2019-07-21

New pieces

We released some new pieces in an eBook-version.

Click the link(s) for more details

Rockin Socks (Kindle)   Rockin Socks (PDF)

Body Trip (kindle)   Body Trip (PDF)

Have fun checkin´it out

Record from 2019-05-22


I put some recordings for my Publishing Company online.

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Record from 2019-04-30

Etudes for Snare Drum

Finially we got the Series "Etude for Snare-Drum" editied for E-Books.



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Record from 2019-01-01